AdvAnces in breAst
plAstic surgery
lyon, FrAnce
19-20 January 2018
domAine lyon sAint Joseph
38 Allée Jean Paul II
69110 Sainte-Foy-lès-Lyon
Dear Colleagues, Dear Friends,
We are delighted to open the registration for this edition of the Symposium «Advances
in Breast Plastic Surgery», that will be held in Lyon, Friday 19th and Saturday 20th
January 2018.
The symposium will focus on recent advances in Breast Plastic Surgery, such as recent
advances in Lipomodeling, in DIEP breast reconstruction, and in Short Scar Latissimus
Dorsi (SSLD) Reconstruction. There is strong evidence in recent literature to support
the safety of lipomodeling and its major role in both reconstructive and aesthetic breast
surgery. We are eager to share our extensive experience in this eld that we developed
since 1998, with now more than 6000 cases performed in our unit.
Please nd the programme and the registration form attached. The number of
participants is limited to ensure optimal interaction with the speakers, and to encourage
questions that address practical aspects of the techniques.
We hope that this symposium will provide a platform for mutual development, and an
occasion to share our practical experience.
Rooms are available onsite (“Domaine Saint Joseph”). If you wish to book a room,
please contact directly Domaine Saint Joseph.
To register for the Symposium, contact Agnes Pupier (see below for her contact details).
We look forward to meeting you soon in Lyon.
Yours sincerely,
Emmanuel Delay
dr delAys words
8:00 Participants reception
9:00 Introduction - Evolution of the ideas E.Delay
French and European regulations E.Delay
Evidence for a potential anti carcinogenic action of lipomodeling E.Delay
Stem cells, PRP and adipose tissue: fundamentals R.Roche (Besançon)
Questions / Discussion
10:25 Morning tea
10:50 Understanding the science of lipolling: rening technique R.Roche (Besançon)
Fat harvest, preparation and fat transfer E.Delay
Macroll: a new concept of lipolling. Experience of more than 800 cases X.Nelissen (Liège)
Fasciotomies: an important technique for optimal results E.Delay
IMF and lipomodeling E.Delay
Questions / Discussion
13:00 Lunch
14:00 Lipomodeling in Breast augmentation
Breast augmentation with lipomodeling (lipoaugmentation) E.Delay
Breast augmentation with fat transfer X.Nelissen (Liège)
Composite breast augmentation : the future of breast augmentation? X.Nelissen (Liège)
Aesthetic breast lipomodeling: traps and errors to avoid E.Delay
Management of fat necrosis E.Delay
Imaging results before and after aesthetic breast lipomodeling C.Tourasse
Primary and secondary Composite Breast Augmentation E.Delay
How to integrate breast lipomodeling and fat transfer in your daily practice? E.Delay
Salvage of complications of Breast Implant Augmentation E.Delay
Lipomodeling in Mastopexy Surgery E.Delay
Questions / Discussion
16:10 Afternoon tea
16:30 Tuberous breasts and breast malformations
Tuberous breast correction with lipomodeling: indications, limits, and results E.Delay
Lipomodeling for funnel chest (pectus excavatum) correction E.Delay
Lipomodeling for Poland syndrome in thoraco-mammary malformations E.Delay
Questions / Discussion
Presentation of ISAPS  (10 min)      E.Delay
18:00 Conclusions
dAy 1 - FridAy 19th JAnuAry
9:00 Breast conservative treatment sequelae
Lipomodeling following breast conserving surgery E.Delay
9:30 Short Scar Latissimus Dorsi (SSLD)
Introduction – Evolution of the ideas E.Delay
Indications – Contraindications E.Delay
Technique of harvest of the SSLD E.Delay
Questions / Discussion
10:45 Morning tea
11:10 Abdominal advancement ap: the ideal complement in Breast Reconstruction E.Delay
SSLD and Delayed Breast Reconstruction E.Delay
SSLD and immediate Breast Reconstruction E.Delay
Conversion of Breast Implant Reconstruction in an Autologous Reconstruction E.Delay
Very Dicult Reconstructions: the dorsal approach E.Delay
The SSLD: the new gold standard in Breast Reconstruction? E.Delay
Questions / Discussion
13:00 Lunch
14:00 How to avoid and manage complications and insucient results?
How to avoid and manage seroma? E.Delay
How to manage complications and insucient results after ALDF? E.Delay
Questions / Discussion
15:00 D I E P
Technical points to obtain the best results X.Nelissen (Liège)
Tricks and skills to do a DIEP in 3 hours and a half X.Nelissen (Liège)
The last renements in DIEP surgery X.Nelissen (Liège)
Questions / Discussion
16:10 Afternoon tea
16:30 Lipomodeling in breast reconstruction
Lipomodeling as a complement to the breast reconstruction with latissimus dorsi E.Delay
Lipomodeling as an adjunct to TRAM and DIEP in breast reconstruction X.Nelissen (Liège)
Lipomodeling as an adjunct to implant in breast reconstruction E.Delay
Breast reconstruction with lipomodeling alone E.Delay
The 1st lipomodeling: an useful tool to prepare tissues in very dicult E.Delay
Questions / Discussion
Presentation of ISAPS  (10 min)      E.Delay
18:00 Conclusions and end of the conferences
dAy 2 - sAturdAy 20th JAnuAry
dr emmAnuel delAy, FrAnce
Dr Emmanuel DELAY is a Plastic Surgeon in Lyon, France, since 1991. He is
the 2016-2017 President of the French Society of Plastic, Reconstructive and
Aesthetic Surgery (SOFCPRE). He is also a member of the American Society
of Plastic Surgery (ASPS) since 1994, the international Society of Plastic and
Reconstructive Surgeons (IPRAS), the international Society of Aesthetic
Surgery (ISAPS) and a founding member of the International Society of
Plastic Regenerative Surgery (ISPRES).
He is the author of 200 publications including scientic articles, books or
book chapters, and co-author of the French Society of Plastic Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery (SOFCPRE)
devoted to breast implants. He lectures regularly at national and international congresses.
Dr Delay divides his time between Reconstructive Surgery at the hospital (Centre Léon Bérard, Lyon), Education
(University of Lyon), Research (Stem cells Research) and his private activity (Clinique Charcot) mostly dedicated
to Aesthetic Plastic Surgery.
dr XAvier nelissen, belgium
Dr. Xavier Nelissen is a Plastic Surgeon based in Liège, Belgium. After
completing 6 years of training in Belgium (1999-2005), he embarked on his
journey specialising in breast reconstruction and augmentation.
Since 2009 Xavier Nellisen heads the Department of Plastic Surgery at
Clinique St Joseph, a private hospital of 900 beds with a team of 11 Plastic
Surgeons ( He also runs his own private clinic in the centre of
Liège, Clinique du Mont Saint Martin since 2007 (
His team is well renowned in Belgium for microsurgery and breast reconstruction. He has himself performed 150
DIEP ap every year in the last 10 years and specialises in lipolling with more than 700 cases to his name using
mostly Macroll system.
Xavier Nelisen is board member of the Royal Belgium Plastic Surgery Society ( and speaks at
various international congress on breast reconstruction and lipolling.
dr régis roche, FrAnce
Régis Roche, PhD in cellular biology, is a scientist specialised in adipose
tissue and stem cells with a degree in cell therapy.
He led the ‘fat, innate immunity and inammation team during 6 years at
Reunion University, within the GEICO laboratory, before moving his research,
in 2006, towards the eld of plastic surgery in particular Lipolling technique.
He is the author of several international publications on adipose tissue
physiology and the use of fat for lipolling indications.
He leads since 2010 the STEMCIS group, dedicated to research and development of innovative medical
devices for the use of adipose tissue and stem cells in the areas of cosmetic and reconstructive surgery, as
well as for regenerative medicine.
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